Directors & Officers Liability

Protect your management team and your company against the unexpected with Directors and Officers Insurance.

Protect Yourself As A Professional Director Or Officer

The Directors and Officers of a company walk a fine line every day, making tough decisions and negotiating important deals. It’s a difficult job and no matter how qualified and capable your directors are, they are still capable of making mistakes.

The business world moves incredibly quickly and at times, directors are forced to make fast decisions. Companies rely heavily on the thinking of their experienced directors and those in charge need to feel safe while making the big decisions.

Directors' and Officers' Insurance will give protection to senior management against claims of mismanagement or negligence whilst carrying out duties associated with managing the company. It covers a percentage of the damages awarded as well as the legal costs associated with such a claim.

This cover protects against a number of situations in which a director could be liable such as:

  • Employment disputes
  • Regulatory complaints
  • Third party complaints
  • Misleading statements and omissions
  • Negligence
  • Employment disputes

Typically, this insurance is taken out by the company on behalf of its directors. These policies are designed to cover a number of people and do not always offer the best possible protection for the individual. If you have any queries about your cover, talk to us and we can look at any possible gaps and help you feel secure in your position.

One claim could cause massive financial problems for both the individual and the company. Directors and Officers Insurance gives you the freedom to run your business how you see fit without worrying about the possibility of a dispute.

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