Liability & Indemnity Insurance

In today's world there are many liability risks for a business. We can tailor a solution that covers the potential risks you could encounter in your business. 

Ensure your business can continue even if you are faced with a claim for personal damage or injury.

As a professional, you are held to higher standards than most. Your clients trust the advice you give and make vital decisions based on your guidance. It’s a huge responsibility and if something goes wrong you may be legally obligated to compensate your client financially.

Protect your management team and your company against the unexpected with Directors and Officers Insurance.

Hiring and managing employees can become a complicated minefield. Protect yourself against legal issues with Employment Disputes Insurance.

IT professionals deal with a special kind of risk. Let us help protect your business with IT and Liability Insurance.

Businesses have to work around a multitude of statutes while operating in New Zealand. Navigating the government’s rules can be difficult and sometimes not everything goes to plan. Statutory Liability Insurance will protect you financially against the dangers of breaking these statutes.

ACC doesn't cover everything - talk to us today about Employer's Liability Insurance.

We don't like to think about it but not all employees are trustworthy. Protect you and your business against theft, fraud and embezzlement with Fidelity Insurance.

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