Business Interruption

Fire, theft or serious damage can often spell the end of a business. Funding the cash to restart can be difficult when you’re no longer earning an income. Fortunately, Business Interruption Insurance can help your business survive the worst.

Protect Your Business From Unexpected Interruptions

No matter how organised and well managed your business is some situations are out of your hands. From earthquakes to severe electrical faults, the worst can happen and it could easily cause a huge financial setback for you or your business.

Business Interruption Insurance will cover the costs incurred to keep your business running while settling your claim. This can include covering a reduction in turnover, or paying increased costs incurred so your company is still able to operate. Rebuilding a business after an earthquake, flooding or any other significant incident can be unimaginably stressful. With Business Interruption Insurance, the financial aspects are taken care of so you can focus on rebuilding the business and taking care of yourself and your staff.

At Lifetime, we are experienced in protecting businesses from the unforeseen. No matter the size of your business we can find the perfect cover to fit you and your budget. We evaluate your business and your unique risks before guiding you towards the best possible cover for your situation.

You have worked hard to get where you are today. Protect your hard work with Business Interruption Insurance. An interruption can cause a huge loss, severely derailing your long-term plans. Covering yourself against risk is an essential part of any business plan. Talk to us today so you can be safe in the knowledge that your business can withstand any major event without a significant loss of income.

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About a quarter of small businesses would not survive if they had to close their doors for as little as three months. Half of those that suffer a total loss never get back into business. (IBANZ Cover Note, 2015).

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