Material Damage - Buildings, Stock & Plant

Stock is anything that moves through your business, plant is anything you use to run your business. Together they make the physical contents of your business and if damaged, could present a huge financial risk for your company. We can help you mitigate this risk with Stock and Plant Insurance.

Protect Your Critical Business Assets


Insuring your stock can be tricky. There are a multitude of considerations involved in finding the right cover such as seasonal increases, storage facilities and the overall valuation. At Lifetime, we are experts in business insurance. We understand the complexities involved and you can trust us to find the perfect insurance for your situation.

Protecting your stock from accidental damage is essential. An earthquake could wipe out stock in supermarket aisles or a child with an indelible marker could ruin a wedding dress worth thousands. Don’t let one accident cause a huge financial setback. Insure your stock so you can operate your business without concern.


Plant is what you use to operate your business; from the machinery in a manufacturing workshop to a solicitor’s law books or a retail shop fit-out - it’s all considered plant. These assets are what let your business function on a day to day basis and having to replace any of them could cause serious financial problems for your company.

Stock and Plant cover will ensure that you have the cash on hand to replace your valuable commodities so your business can continue to function without a hitch.

At Lifetime, we will take the time to fully assess your business, your liabilities and your budget before we recommend any cover. Our concern will always be you and your long-term financial goals. You can trust us to put your needs first and create an insurance plan that perfectly complements your business as a whole.


We can arrange for cover of buildings owned and operated by you, against accidental loss.

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