Mobile Plant Insurance protects a wide range of movable machinery such as cranes, forklifts, tractors and other self-propelled machines that are not licenced for road use. We can help you find the perfect insurance to cover your important machinery.

Mobile Plant

Mobile Plant Insurance

Your machinery is essential to getting the job done. Without it you will be thrown off schedule and unable to work. Protect yourself against serious financial loss with Mobile Plant Insurance. At Lifetime, we are experienced in dealing with commercial insurance and can help you find the perfect cover. We will fully assess your risk and your financial situation so you can be sure that we will recommend the best cover available for your unique needs.

The right insurance will provide funds to repair your mobile plant quickly so you can get back to work as soon as possible. It will also provide you with money to replace your mobile plant if it is stolen or if it is uneconomical to repair.

Operating large machinery comes with a great deal of risk. Protect yourself against claims from members of the public for damage to property or personal injury. Mistakes can happen and they can lead to serious damage of buildings, roads or even people. You are legally liable for the costs of repair and, without insurance, you could face paying for these on your own.

Protect your valuable assets with the best cover possible. Talk to us today about Mobile Plant insurnace so you can get on with the work ahead.

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