Commercial Hull

Protecting your vessel is crucial. Talk to us today about the variety of Commercial Hull Insurance options available.

Commercial Hull Insurance

Commercial Hull Insurance provides cover for a number of commercial vessels, such as tugs, ferries and container vessels. As experienced marine insurance advisers, we are able to create an insurance solution that protects your valuable asset against damage or physical loss. It will also cover any legal liabilities you may face from a claim.

Commercial boats require special attention; the risks at sea are numerous and any damage can cause a huge financial set-back. We are dedicated to supporting your business and your long-term financial goals. With our vast knowledge of marine insurance we can guide you towards to a policy that suits both your vessel and your budget.

If your vessel is badly damaged it may be out of commission for a substantial length of time. This loss of income could cause a myriad of financial issues you don’t want to deal with on your own. Loss of Hire cover can supplement your income during this time so you are able to focus on getting your vessel back on the water.

We have the experience you need to protect you and your vessel from the worst. Talk to us today about the perfect insurance solution for your situation.

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