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Protect your business from setbacks and even potential closure with adequate and tailored insurance cover. Each business has unique individual requirements, so work with us to ensure you have the cover you need, when you need it. 

In today's world there are many liability risks for a business. We can tailor a solution that covers the potential risks you could encounter in your business. 

Fire, theft or serious damage can often spell the end of a business. Funding the cash to restart can be difficult when you’re no longer earning an income. Fortunately, Business Interruption Insurance can help your business survive the worst.

Are you self-employed? Talk to us about your ACC entitlements and make sure you're getting the most out of this government scheme.

Whether you have stock, equipment, fit-out, vehicles or machinery - we can cover the assets your business relies on to keep trading. 

Some people are irreplaceable. Their unique talents help your business thrive and they may generate a large amount of income for the company. Talk to us today about insuring these important individuals against illness and injury.

Start-Up Income Protection is especially designed to protect you and your fledgling business during those crucial first three years. Talk to us today about how this cover will benefit you.

Cyber insurance is designed to protect your business against a number of cyber exposures - from hacking attacks and viruses to privacy breaches and theft of data.

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