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About Mark

I hail from the southern end of the UK, Cornwall, famous for fishing, tin mining and pirates... I am married to Tracey, and we have two boys Zekaryah and Elisha. My two boys and I love to hunt and fish, and most importantly follow the Liverpool Football team (in the wee hours of the morning to), and locally the Wellington Phoenix.

I emigrated to New Zealand when I was only 14 years old with my parents. My father was an officer in the Royal Air Force, so with that said, I also have a passion for military history. I have been in the Financial industry since 2002. I have worked for two of New Zealand's major banks in the lending space which is one of my other passions - lending.

I love helping Kiwi's get into their first home, building their dream home or entering the investment rental market. The aspect that gives me the most joy is the first home loan buyer who has been rejected by their own bank and think there is no hope. Well, just like Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, "help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope", sometimes working at Lifetime we can be that glimmer of hope who know how the banks ticks and what can push an application over the line into an approval.

Another value add we add here at Lifetime is negotiating with banks in regard to your current mortgage at the interest rates. Sometimes, we may have the banks sharpen their pencils with interest rate offers and cash incentives to change current lenders.

Talking to people about their home loan lending needs is a big passion of mine, so give me call or drop me an email, I would love to help you - or talk about Liverpool FC, fishing or hunting, and maybe throw in a few Star Wars quotes. :)

My Three Golden Rules

  1. Be honest.
  2. Have integrity.
  3. Have fun.
My husband and I struggled to get into the market to buy our first home. It took us quite a while to find approval from banks and have gotten in touch with the wrong mortgage brokers... That's until we met Mark!!
Mark has been and still is an absolute angel to us. He's helped us not only get approval and good rates from banks but has given us his time and day to be a good advisor and friend.
We're now proud owners of a very lovely brand new home, all thanks to Mark.
We cannot recommend him enough! Emailing him the first time around was one of the best decisions we've made as a couple. Not only did we find a broker in Mark, we also found a good friend.
Thanks again Mark! You're amazing and we wish you all the best!!!
- Sharmaine

When I first started the home loan process I was extremely apprehensive and unsure about what I was getting myself into even though I actually work in the banking sector myself.
I went into my local branch and was actually declined a mortgage which 100% disheartened me and thought I’d never get to where I wanted to be.
My brother referred Mark to me with the highest regard and reassured me it would be nice and easy and to put all my confidence with him.
Throughout the whole process, Mark walked me step by step of what the process was and made me feel so at ease and took any stress completely out of the situation and reinstated the confidence that I lost when I was declined my initial mortgage. And not only the mortgage did he sort for me (in what felt like no time) but referred me for insurance and lawyers which I would have had no clue whatsoever about.
He never doubted me even though this was a process I’ve never gone through before and did all he could and sorted everything out for me which I am eternally grateful for.
Thanks so much Mark
- Ana

I don’t know if we would have believed we were able to buy without Mark’s expertise and unbiased recommendations. He genuinely listened, was approachable and made sure the solution suited us. He kept us from pitfalls and from biting off more than we could chew, there was never any pressure. We have an awesome rate, our ideal home. We went from “maybe we could one day” to “Unconditional” within 2 months! Thank you for your guidance Mark!

Lauren & Pat

Mark was instrumental in ensuring that my home loan needs were appropriately met once we had found a property in the Wellington region that we wished to buy.
His approach was methodical, thorough and friendly, which resulted in an excellent outcome and a great customer experience from my perspective.
Mark went the extra mile to ensure that we were well informed throughout the process and that we were always in good hands if he wasn't handling any part of our process directly.
Thanks in no small part to Mark and his efforts, I am now a homeowner.

David Higgins. Innovation & Technology Enthusiast

Mark was very detailed in setting out how he saw my insurance needs, getting me quotes on various insurance products, and following up.

David Norman. Economist.
years in the finance industry

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As a home owner myself, the interest rates changes offered by the banks will often grab my attention. In my role here at Lifetime as a Home Loan Adviser, I work with people from all walks of life who are trying to buy their first home. Most people have to overcome the obstacle of saving a decent deposit and KiwiSaver comes to the rescue for a number of people.