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About Garry

My insurance career started back in March 1988 when I was approached by my then Insurance Broker about joining his business. He was retiring in a few years and was looking for a successor. I was sold on the benefits of being self employed and having the opportunity to build my own business. I knew little about the insurance industry but knew I had had enough of the corporate world and with the backing of my wife we went for it.

Working with a business mentor we were able to identify the areas of the business which i was most interested in working in which were both Personal and Business Insurance along with Employee Benefits (Group).

I enjoy talking to business owners and working with them on solutions to protect their business profitability and ownership. Over the years we have implemented many share purchase and key person contracts and witnessed the importance of having a well constructed Risk Management Plan.

A well designed Group Employee Benefits scheme will help attract and retain staff.

In 2017, 32 years later we sold a majority shareholding to Rothbury Life who later merged with Lifetime where I am now employed as a Financial Adviser working with business owners and managers on solutions for their businesses and staff.

Having had 32 years in the business I have had an opportunity to develop my skills in the areas that are of most interest to me. Those being Personal and Business Risk along with Group Employee Benefits.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the industry having made many lifelong friends.

My Three Golden Rules

  1. If you don't know, say so.
  2. Stick to your knitting.
  3. Have fun.


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