Lydia von Rönge

Financial Adviser

M: 021 591 125 |

Background & Experience

“I am passionate about individuals, families and business owners having the right insurance in place that will protect them in tough times. I will ensure that your insurance requirements, no matter how unusual, are handled efficiently and professionally.

Having the right kind of financial advice can make all the difference to your financial success. My aim is to educate my clients, making sure that they are well-informed and have options prior to any decision-making.”

Lydia’s main goal is to tailor your specific needs to the best cover available within your budget and she prides herself on building professional long term and trusted relationships.

Lydia emigrated from South Africa in 2008 and appreciates the lifestyle and all the opportunities New Zealand offers.

Through her own family experiences, she understands how unexpected events can impact your life – emotionally, physically and financially – and how the right insurance can change the outcome.

Her hobbies include reading, traveling and spending time with her friends and family. She is also very passionate about animals and enjoy walks on the beach with her partner and dog Amy.

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I grew up in South Africa, a country in which once you leave home and get your first full-time job, your parents immediately ask: ‘Do you have your health insurance sorted?’

For me that question came at a time when all I wanted to do was buy a lounge suite with my first pay cheque. But, knowing that I had to prioritise my health, the furniture had to wait.

There is a public health sector in South Africa but it is chronically understaffed and underfunded, and the wait times are astronomical. This means we’ve learnt to adopt a culture where health insurance is just another one of those protections you need.

If I’m going to insure my belongings – my car, my contents, my house – then why wouldn’t I protect my biggest assets – my health and therefore my ability to earn an income?