Lydia von Rönge

Financial Adviser

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  • Taking care of your loved ones or your business when you can't.
  • Maintaining your lifestyle in retirement.
  • Ensuring that when life throws you a curve ball that you have choices.
  • Quick, easy and stress free claim experience when you need it.
  • Giving you and your loved ones certainty, control, cash flow and dignity when retirement, illness, injury or loss of life occurs.

I have an unusual business in a not so unusual industry. I help people with solutions when they live too long, die too young or when they are unable to work. I’m Lydia. I’m a Financial Adviser.

My clients come to me because I am interested in who you are, what blows your hair back and what you need to live your best possible life. I am passionate about giving peace of mind to the people that YOU love and care for.

I emigrated from South Africa in 2008 and appreciate the lifestyle and all the opportunities New Zealand offers. Through my own family experiences - losing my mum to cancer and my dad to a heart attack and stroke - I understand how unexpected events can impact your life – emotionally, physically and financially – and how the right protection can change the outcome.

Your financial well-being is my passion. Have you ever looked at the directions to put together a flat pack piece of furniture? What a nightmare! So, what I do is, I put together families' and business owners' “financial flat packs”. I take the gibberish and complication out of your financial and insurance needs and working as a team, I will show you how to put a financial flat pack together quickly and efficiently, that will give you financial certainty for years to come.

Having the right kind of financial advice can make all the difference to your financial success. I educate my clients, making sure that they are well-informed and have options prior to any decision-making.

My 3 Golden Rules

  1. Always practice kindness and compassion.
  2. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
  3. You are never too young, too old or too healthy.

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I grew up in South Africa, a country in which once you leave home and get your first full-time job, your parents immediately ask: ‘Do you have your health insurance sorted?’

For me that question came at a time when all I wanted to do was buy a lounge suite with my first pay cheque. But, knowing that I had to prioritise my health, the furniture had to wait.