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Background & Experience

Being a specialist Mortgage adviser since 2000 firstly with Mortgage Link now known as Lifetime.

Over these number of years it has given me a large range of client’s experiences to enable me to provide different types of solutions, whether it be for first home buyers in this current environment with kiwi saver withdrawal’s to the Housing NZ grant applications, double grants and building and how that can be achieved right through to people who want to use their equity to buy rental property and business lending.  I can offer my clients a large range of mortgage lenders and products that allow a more comprehensive fit for individual circumstances.

I am great at listening and helping people through different situations even the sticky ones.

Once you put your cards on the table it is very hard to take them off again and reshuffle.  That is why I need to make sure your application gets that approval first time and takes you where you want to go, plus provide the true understanding on what the costs are when the rubber hits the road. Even if it means giving you a game plan on how to make your circumstances fit.

I have had the privilege of serving as an executive board member on the previous NZ Mortgage Broker Association and now known as Professional Advisers Association for 9 years which gave me a larger view and many contacts in the industry in New Zealand. I am currently a member of the Professional Advisers Association.

I am passionate about what we as adviser’s offer and have seen first-hand the difference we can make to clients outcomes.  It is not about me selling you a product but providing you with information and solutions to help you achieve what is possible and affordable. The commitment is a long term relationship with reviews to enable you to be more aware of the true costs and give you the opportunity to decrease the term of your mortgage a save interest costs. I don’t work for a bank but for you and the commitment is to provide advice that is in your best interest at all times. 

We first met with Karen in 2011 as we needed guidance and assistance with securing our first mortgage, which was for a build project. The two of us really we had no clue where to start!

Karen was recommended to us through a friend and thank goodness she was, we would be absolutely lost with out her!

Karen sure knows her stuff when it comes to what first home buyers are entitled to. She ensured we gained access to the Housing New Zealand’s first home buyers grant and our Kiwi Saver contributions, this really added an extra boost to our deposit at the time.

Karen has always given us sound mortgage advise, from interest rates to debt consolidation. Karen is now in the process of assisting us with our 3rd Project since and we cannot praise her enough, she makes working out the money side of the process an absolute breeze! If it wasn’t for Karen and her fairy godmother like nature we probably wouldn’t be in the position we are today.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone looking for sound mortgage advise.

Tim and Penny Curr

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Contact Karen on 03 520 6152  |  021 731 048  |  karen.essex-mooney@lifetime.co.nz or alternatively send us an online enquiry below.

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