Jena McKenzie

Financial Adviser

T: 03 372 1943 | M: 027 230 9431 |


  • Helping small to medium size businesses stay in business.
  • Listening and discovering what is important to you
  • Following up
  • Supporting you through the claims process. Caring.
  • Providing you with 23 years of experience - I know which companies products would be a best fit for you
  • Integrity – I will do what I say I will do.

Background & Experience

I help families and businesses ensure that they are protected in times of unexpected health events which threaten cash flow

I understand that people and revenue are the lifeblood of every business. My job is to ensure you get cash at the right time, to the right place and the right amount 

This ensures the continuity of the business which supports the family and in turn ensures lifestyle is maintained and businesses survive the financial impact of losing the skills of people who generate revenue

You will never know the value of the time spent with me until you need to make that phone call to ask about what insurances you have in place. In my experience is that that phone call is made very quickly

I design the insurance with the end in mind. Did I do my job thoroughly? Have we discussed and implemented a plan which will help this family and business survive

Did I have those discussions about the unspoken and unseen impact of life threatening health events??

I am committed to having the conversations with families and business owners to discuss the impact of ill health /death and to discover what is of most importance to them

I am a registered financial adviser with 23 years’ experience in the insurance industry and a history of having 100% of claims paid 

I absolutely love my role as an adviser working with clients develop their risk protection plans and looking after them when they need to claim


Get In Touch

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In New Zealand, a lot of us rely on the public health system for treatment. Why would we pay for medical insurance when our government can fund treatment for us?

Barbara was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given only 12 months to live. Chemotherapy was the only treatment available in the public system and she wanted to look for other options.