Lucienne Moloney-Geany

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Lucie joined the team in 2018 after relocating from London where she studied a Bachelor Honours degree in History at King’s College London, along with her studies she undertook personal research and was among the student publishing team of the King’s College London Student Journal of International Affairs and Human Rights. Lucie has spent the last 18 years in the United Kingdom and moved back to New Zealand after her studies to be closer to her family. Having been a general manager in a top ten of London’s busiest brunch spots Lucie has bought her service experience to the team with a keen eye for customer care and people relations. In her free time Lucie can often be found sampling the local eateries can has confirmed the coffee really does taste better in New Zealand.

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It’s a nightmare trying to keep track of the different website logins; passwords that seem to be ever increasingly complicated; PIN numbers and security questions that you have no idea of the answers to; (no I don’t know the name of my favourite teacher!), it is not a surprise that many think technology is making things harder, not easier.