Radhika Beetham

Financial Adviser

BSc, Grad. Dip BS, AFA

T: 09 631 7748 | M: 021 560 600 |

Background & Experience

Radhika started her career as a Microbiologist before pursuing a career in finance in the non-advisory space. She has worked in various areas of finance some of which are personal loans, auditing, recruitment and dispute resolution. Whilst she always believed financial literacy was important she did not pursue this aspect of finance until her husband was diagnosed with cancer and then later passed away leaving her to raise their two young boys. For her it highlighted the fact that life’s journey is not always as smooth as we want it to be. Unexpected events happen that can stop us from living every day to the fullest. 

She has over 10 years’ experience in the financial industry and joined the Auckland team in February 2017 as a Plan Writer supporting the Advisers before progressing on to become an Authorised Financial Adviser herself. She is part of the company’s strategic approach to providing a multi-generational ‘Advice for Life’ platform that attracts and rewards younger or new advisers into the industry. 

She believes in “hoping for the best but planning for the worst”. She is passionate about utilising not just her skills and knowledge but also drawing upon her personal experience in life to help clients with their life’s journey from buying their first home to planning for their retirement to their next big trip and ensuring they are prepared for those unexpected events life throws at you. After all life is not an exact science, but an art. 

She is always open to new experiences and would love try out cage diving with the crocs one day in the near future.

Get In Touch

Contact Radhika on 09 631 7748  |  021 560 600  |  Radhika.Beetham@lifetime.co.nz or alternatively send us an online enquiry below.