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Chané is an Authorised Financial Adviser and enjoys working with clients to make smart decisions around their finances. She is passionate about forming long term relationships with people to assist with their financial goals - whether that is to retire, buy a home, be financially secure, or just to make some smart decisions. She helps with all financial matters including investments, KiwiSaver, financial planning, and protecting what people have achieved so far. Living in Rodney, Chané generally services the Auckland to Rodney area, but is happy to meet with anyone who wants advice. She believes that everyone needs someone to talk to about their money. She does like a coffee so give her a call!

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21st Nov by Chané Berghorst

Setting clear money goals as a couple can pay real ‘dividends’ for both your bank account and relationship. Lifetime financial adviser Chané Berghorst explains what you need to consider when drawing up a shared plan.