$25,799.10 raised for Child Cancer Foundation

21 September by Lifetime

$25,799.10 raised for Child Cancer Foundation

Pictured: Left; Kaylene Lucas, Child Cancer Foundation, Right; Peter Cave, Lifetime Managing Director.

It was a privilege to be able to present a whopping $25,799.10 to the Child Cancer Foundation as raised at this years' annual Lifetime conference. A huge thank you to all the staff and supporters who made this possible. Thank you also Kayelene and the team for the lovely cupcakes! cupcakes 6cupcakescupcakes 3cupcakes 4cupcakes 5cupcakes 7cupcakes 8cupcakes 9cupcakes 08

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To many people capital markets just provide stock traders the opportunity to speculate and make a quick buck. And there are people who use capital markets this way, but in reality, they have a much, much more important role.

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September was a positive month for most share markets across the world, bouncing back from some softness in August.